Monthly Midnight Madness will be back in September

Many people was asking if the August edition is late and the answer is, No.

The monthly event will not take place this during this month but, will be back in September.

The Monthly Midnight Madness is an event that take place every second Saturday of each month and offers group only (free to join) boards with limited items that will be available for 24hrs only.

Two boards per store, with different free items that will be available for 24 hrs or until the items quantity ends, one each day, during the 2 days of the event.

The event also features security system that forbids avatars with too high complexity from remain in the stores. The complexity allowance is set up to 50.000 and any avatar with complexity above the limit will be warned and ejected from the location. Also to prevent lag, due the many residents visiting the stores at same time, is recommended to wear only a full alpha mask layer, making your avatar invisible, and the most important, do not leave your computer/avatar away when inside the stores, the locations has limited traffic allowance and many other residents will visit them at same time, often filling the location capacity, what prevent new visitors to arrive and will result in the AFK avatars being ejected by stores staff, so do your business and leave, so everyone can enjoy the event and get the many freebies given.

Prizes will be delivered upon the click be processed by the system, please be patience in laggy areas.

If you missed one of the free items, they will still be available to purchase on the next day for a small fee. (usually 50L)

To don’t lose track of it we will be leaving a countdown clock for the next event.


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